Turek's Plumbing Fundraising in Fox Valley

Community involvement plays a vital role in the core values of Turek’s Plumbing. The Fox Valley Plumbing Company often engages in community service project and encourages their employees to do the same. It is absolutely our pleasure to give back to the community that keeps us in business.

Turek’s Plumbing Supports Many Fox Valley Charities

Turek’s Plumbing supports family-oriented events that offer education and enrichment opportunities for children. Turek’s has sponsored Fox Valley youth baseball teams, participated in charity auctions to benefit education and have donated products and services that support diverse social needs. Salvation Army, Leaven, Cots, local Catholic parishes, and United Way are simply a few of the causes we are most passionate about.

Fun with Fundraising

One major project Turek’s Plumbing initiated was a haunted house fundraiser. A Halloween enthusiast was consulted to design a floor plan for a house destined to be raised. Turek’s Plumbing supplied the equipment and materials needed to build Mackville Manor. Family members and junior/senior high school volunteers built the proposed project and staffed the haunted house. The venture earned close to $10,000 that was divided among four local charities.

Bathroom Remodel for a Cause

Another unique project included a 9-month-old baby; named Mira was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder that left her body defenseless against infections. Turek’s Plumbing was honored with the opportunity to help makeover a house to fit Mira and her family’s health needs. This became a germ-free environment in which Mira and her family would be able live in for the next two years. Turek’s helped to remodel a basement garage into a family play space and a full bathroom.

Foster Forward is a local a non-profit organization that focuses on getting the community involved to provide support and compassion to our local foster children. Turek’s Plumbing donates yearly to support the purchase of Christmas presents and a celebration for the children in our community. Turek’s strives to not only be the best plumbing company in Fox Valley but to go above and beyond when it comes to the community and the people they serve.

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