How Often Should You Have a Plumbing Inspection?

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Plumbing InspectionHow Often Should You Have a Plumbing Inspection?

Your home’s plumbing system is such an essential component of the comfortable life you have at home. If it’s working properly, you can easily go about your day-to-day activities. As such, making sure that the entire system is in good condition is very important. This is something you can easily do by having the system inspected even when there’s nothing wrong with it yet.

The Fox Valley plumbers that residents turn to say that a plumbing inspection is a must. Your plumbing system is constantly exposed to all kind of elements that can corrode or create clogs in the system. Over time, this constant exposure can reduce the plumbing system’s efficiency and create problems for your household. Common plumbing problems include a toilet that won’t flush and leaky pipes that waste excessive water. Clogged drains could be breeding bacteria harmful to your family’s health. From an inspection, not only will you learn the current state or condition of your plumbing system, but you’ll also get to implement the right preventive measures to keep it in tip-top shape to serve your household well.

The question now is: How often should you have a plumbing inspection?

Once a year is good enough, according to the plumbers in Fox Valley. But more often (say, seasonally) would be better, especially in Wisconsin where weather changes can really affect the efficacy of a household’s plumbing system. Over the winter, in particular, a plumbing system takes a serious beating because extreme temperatures force the system to work harder than usual, and it becomes prone to damages.

Yearly Inspection 

With a yearly inspection, you’ll already be able to avoid big issues with your plumbing that could potentially set you back by thousands of dollars on repair and replacement. The inspector will provide you useful information on what needs to be done in order to keep the system running smoothly.

Most people decide that spring would be the perfect time for a plumbing inspection, but any other time of the year would be good as well. Basically, people often set it for spring due to concerns that winter may damage the plumbing system.

However, if you sense something wrong with your plumbing system, don’t waste time in setting a schedule for an inspection. Are you hearing banging, rattling, tapping and squealing noises from your plumbing? Call your Fox Cities plumber at Turek’s Plumbing right away to see what that’s all about. This will help prevent the issue from becoming a bigger problem that would be more challenging to resolve.

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