Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year

Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year Research has it that approximately 45 percent of all people make resolutions at the start of each year. However, only a paltry 8 percent of those people [...]

How to Keep Mold From Coming Back

How to Keep Mold From Coming Back It doesn’t matter where you live, mold will follow you anywhere that accumulates moisture. Your bathroom, for instance, is a perfect environment for mold to [...]

What Do I Do With an Old Bathtub?

What Do I Do With an Old Bathtub? So you’ve just recently noticed that your tub’s old and worn, and you also suspect that it has already begun to leak. With no bathroom renovation budgeted for [...]

Ways to Save on Your Home Remodel – Top Tips for Homeowners

Whether you are planning a partial remodel (kitchen/bathroom) or a full makeover for your whole home, it should not be a hit-or-miss affair. Sure, a home makeover entails ample amounts of [...]

Where to Start With a Bathroom Remodel

After a stressful day at the office or doing household chores, nothing else can make you feel better quicker than taking a long, soothing bath. The look and feel of your bathroom can give you an [...]

Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs an Exhaust Fan

Creating a comfortable indoor climate for your home requires the right HVAC system. A lot of people just rely on an air conditioning unit, but if you wish for a truly well-ventilated home, you [...]

Causes of Leaking Garbage Disposal

Fixing the 2 Most Common Causes of Leaking Garbage Disposal A leaking garbage disposal system does not necessarily translate to a massive hole in your pocket. Leaks can occur from time to time [...]

7 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

7 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems Most homeowners will have some essential tools on hand to cope with simple plumbing emergencies. Often, a slow drain or a clogged toilet might need a bit of [...]

Water Heater Facts Homeowners Should Know

 Top Water Heater Facts Homeowners Should Know Often, plenty of homeowners take their hot water heaters for granted. They usually forget about them until they run out of hot water. To beef up [...]

Remodeling an Old Bathroom – Your Blueprint for Success

Remodeling an Old Bathroom – Your Blueprint for Success Perhaps your old bathroom is too small and you wish to have a bigger one built. Or maybe you live in an old home and you want to refresh [...]