3 Reasons You May Need an Emergency Plumber

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The Top 3 Reasons You May Need an Emergency Plumber in Fox Valley 

No other problem leaves every home in a state of chaos more than a plumbing problem. It not only creates a mess but it could also put your daily routine at a standstill. You might not be getting hot water, you may have flooding in your home, both toilets for your two-bathroom home might not work, and you might not even get water flowing into the house. Those are all considered plumbing emergencies. 

Whether it happens very early in the morning just before everyone gets ready for work or school or late at night, some plumbing problems will require the services of an emergency plumber.

Here are the three biggest reasons to call one now.

The Smell of Gas

A gas leak is not something you want to ignore. When you get a whiff of it in your home and the stoves are off, you need to get everyone out of the house immediately. Then call your plumber. Some plumbers suggest opening all doors and windows before evacuating the home.

As an added precaution, you could get gas or carbon monoxide detection devices installed.

Clogged Toilets

There are some toilet problems that you can fix on your own. For minor clogging, you can simply take a plunger to the toilet and remedy the issue. But if your toilet has overflowed, you need to call emergency plumbers to take care of it. If you try and take care of it on your own, you might only make the problem bigger by forcing the blockage further down into the pipes.

A clogged toilet may only be a symptom of the real problem. Only licensed plumbers have the right tools and the right training to figure out what is causing your clogged toilets. The main pipeline may be clogged, if you’re connected to the main sewer, or your septic tank may already be full, if you’re connected to a septic system. In either case, an emergency plumbing company can uncover the real problem and apply the right solution to it.

Leaky Faucets or Pipes

When water leaks in your home, you may be wasting money, not just a precious resource. Leaky faucets or pipes should receive emergency work because you might not know how long the leaks have been going on. And you might not realize the extent of the damage to your pipes, which will only mean more money spent on repairs or replacements.

Water leaks not only create further damage to pipes but also ruin your home, from your walls and ceilings to your floors.

From gas leaks to water leaks or flooding in your home, don’t wait until the problem endangers your health and destroys your home. Call your Fox Valley emergency plumber immediately. Get the problem fixed right away. And gain peace of mind.


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