Great customers are the foundation of our business!

The Turek’s Plumbing Customer Referral Program is how we say Thanks!

Dear Valued Customer:

We would like to say thanks for being such a great customer by giving you and a friend an opportunity to save money!

  • For you, every time you refer a friend who redeems a NEW CUSTOMER REFERRAL CARD, we’ll send you a $20 restaurant gift card of your choice from Fuddruckers, Beefeaters, Pullmans or Good Company.
  • For your friend, when they redeem a NEW CUSTOMER REFERRAL CARD, they will receive a $20 discount on the plumbing service the first time they use Turek’s Plumbing.

Print the NEW CUSTOMER REFERRAL CARD below, add your name and address to the card, and give it to as many friends as you like!

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A Word About Customer Privacy

If you are happy with our service, spread the word and in the process, you’ll be helping to spread the savings to your friends and family, people who appreciate quality and on-time service.

We take the issue of your personal privacy very seriously. We pledge to never make available to any third party your personal information. We will never sell your name or email address to anyone.

Thank you for choosing Turek’s Plumbing. Please don’t hesitate to call me personally!

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